It all started back in 1994 at Heritage High School in Maryville Tennessee.
That is where Josh Livingston met Jarrod Millsaps and the two began their quest to get attention and laughs whenever an opportunity at school would arise.
Josh Livingston (a.k.a. Jake) suggested to Jarrod (Elwood) that it would be a great idea to perform as The Blues Brothers for an upcoming talent show. After explaining to Jarrod who they were and what they did, the two immediately began practicing for the show.
Their first performance went over brilliantly and the two instantly found an outlet for their musical and comedic talents.

After graduating high school, the two friends continued to appear in the famous black suits and glasses whenever they could, and still managed to pursue day-time careers. Josh earned an associates degree in lodging management and works his days at a resort hotel. Jarrod went to police academy, quickly worked his way through the ranks, and currently serves as the Blount County Sheriff's Office community relations director.

In 2000, the duo began performing regularly throughout the year at Memories Theatre in Pigeon Forge, TN and now four years later, they still continue to do so.
It has been ten years now that the two young men have combined their musical gifts to bring entertainment and laughter to thousands of fans, from the mountains of Tennessee to the beaches of Miami.

While every effort is made to provide a highly authentic tribute to the original Blues Brothers of Saturday Night Live fame, Josh and Jarrod add their own personal touch to each and every show. They have been compared to other professional celebrity impersonators across the nation and have been rated by countless fans as the best Blues Brothers Tribute Artists hands down!