Josh and Jarrod's first bluesmobile was a 1974 Ford Granada sold to them by Josh's cousin Debra for only $50. It had been parked in one place for about seven years and had not moved that whole time. They replaced the old battery, put in a new fuel pump, put in some fuel system cleaner and it started right up!! After applying the black and white paint (themselves in an enclosed garage ... not smart!!) it was ready to go. While this car proved to be sufficient for a short time, it eventually decided to die. (We should mention it did so in the middle of a Christmas parade.)
The time had come for the boys' to invest some real time and energy in locating a more realistic replacement. One day in the summer of '99, Josh's friend Ashley spotted an old Plymouth Fury for sale in Knoxville. After hearing this news, Josh and Jarrod were quick to investigate. They located the car, talked to the owner about his asking price, and quickly talked him down from $800 to $400. What they knew is that they had a 1977 Fury. What they did not know is that it actually once was a police car! So after purchasing the car and learning the exciting news, they decided to have the car professionally painted. Josh added the decals(all replicas from the movie) and put on their offical logo. What they have to this day is the finished product of Bluesmobile2.
The Bluesmobile is available whenever or whereever Josh and Jarrod are performing. The most special feature on the car is the megaphone on top. It pushes 20 amps of power behind it and the boys are always happy to promote themselves over the loudspeaker before each venue.